Lace-making school for children

Lace-making school for children is an education programme in the field of lace-making suitable for children between the age of 6 and 15.

For the children this is a free-time activity. Instruction is carried out according to the curriculum, 4 hours a week or a total of 140 hours a year. The programme includes a range of lace-making techniques, from the basic to the most complex and demanding.

The educational programme consists of lace-making, theoretical subject (lessons of international colour code system) and drawing of lace-making patterns. Students at lace-making first work by the prescribed programme, but later they can choose between numerous patterns from the school collection or they can make lace by their own patterns. Theoretical subject teaches drawing and using the instructions for making lace which are made uniformly throughout the world in the international colour code system. The drawn lace-making instructions enable greater independence of students in their work, as well as unrestricted communication between lacemakers. The contents of drawing lace-making patterns encourage students towards creativity and creating their own patterns in which they seek new starting points in shape and colour and combine their artistic and lace-making skills.

The greatest challenge is to create a lace by one's own pattern, select the suitable materials, thickness, and colour combinations.

Entry at the lace-making school takes place every year in May for the next school year, if there's still room in the departments it is still possible to enrol in September as well. The children get all the material required for work at school. Children aged 6 and more are able to enrol. You can get further information and the entry application form at the head office of the school.

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