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The international lace-making competition, Kiskunhalas - Hungary, April 2007

The Idrija Lace School entered the competition with four laces.


is the lace made by a 13-year-old student Petra Kavčič, who attends the Idrija Lace School at the department in Ledine, under the guidance of the teacher Metka Fortuna. Petra has attended the lace-making school for only two years now, and she made the lace as part of the obligatory school programme. The author of the pattern is Irma Pervanja.


is the title of the authorial lace of the 17-year-old Polona Rudolf who attends the Idrija Lace School at the department Črni Vrh nad Idrijo under the guidance of the teacher Anka Jamšek. Polona likes stories from the Bible. She used the story about the creation of the world, which tells how God turned chaos into an orderly world in six days. She placed the theme of order (creation of the world) into a regular hexagon, which represents the order of nature, since many things in nature are ordered by the principle of the hexagon (bee hive, snowflake, spider web.). She divided the hexagon onto six equilateral triangles. Each triangle represents one day of the creation of the world. She drew a picture with the theme of a particular day of creation into individual triangles by trying to set the elements on individual pictures into the golden section.

If we split a straight line into two uneven part and the ratio between the smaller and the larger part is equal to the ratio between the larger part and the line we get the number pi ? (phi). The presence of pi in nature is so great that it surely cannot be coincidental, which is why our ancestors assumed that the number pi was set in advanced by the Creator of the world. The first scientists called it divine proportion, but it is also known by the name golden section. Beneath the apparent chaos the world is governed by order. When our ancestors discovered pi they were certain that they have found a constructive foundation on with which God had created the world.

Around the hexagon she demonstrated chaos from which the world was created. She made it in techniques cloth stitch, divided stitch, half stitch and other. She chose truly impossible combinations of colours and materials and sewed them on the lace.


This lace was made some years ago by the then 17-year-old student of the vocational programme lace-making Saša Blaško. Even though the lace is not new we have included it among the competitive works because it completely suits the given topic. Saša drew the pattern for the lace under the guidance of Irma Pervanja, and worked with the teacher Maja Svetlik at lace-making. Saša made the lace in the technique divided stitch, and filled the areas in between with plaits.


Janja Česnik, a 14-year-old student of the Idrija Lace School who attends its department in Idrija worked under the guidance of Dragica Česnik. For the competition she made a lace by the pattern of Irma Pervanja. She used numerous techniques: cloth stitch, half stitch, flander stitch, tellies, holes in cloth stitch.


International contest of the Association of German Lacemakers, Schneeberg, Germany, April 2007


Patricija Bizjak says that the cup is the symbol of the winners. She is 11 years old and attends the department of the Idrija Lace School in Črni Vrh nad Idrija, under the guidance of the teacher Anka Jamšek. The Cup is her authorial lace, she has drawn the pattern as well as made the lace in the techniques of flander stitch, half stitch, and cloth stitch.


International lace-making competition, Valencia - Spain, March 2007


This is how Špela Jamšek named the lace which she has made by the pattern of Irma Pervanja. Špela is a 16-year-old student who attends the department of the Idrija Lace School Idrija in Črni Vrh nad Idrijo under the guidance of the teacher Anka Jamšek. Špela and Janja made the lace using the same pattern but have still shown two different interpretations. A proof that every lace is a story to itself.

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