Lace-making school for adults started operating in the school year 2005/2006. It takes place once a week in Idrija, 70 hours per year.

It is intended for all adult individuals who wish to learn or to improve the skill of making Idrija Lace. The programme includes theoretical contents to gain the basic knowledge of how to use the colour code system for making lace. The practical lace-making instruction starts with basic steps of lace-making and continue with techniques of Idrija Lace. Experience has shown that a programme set in this way enables learning of lace-making to beginners and perfecting the skill of more skilled lacemakers. The design of the programme and the method of work enable that the participants progress with the pace that suits them, which means that the beginners do not need to hurry, and the more skilled lace makers do not need to wait the beginners.

You can enrol to the lace-making school for adults every year in August for the next school year. For more information please contact .