The administrative council of the Idrija Lace festival and the Idrija Lace School organize a state competition in the lace-making skill for the Ivanka Ferjančič award, which takes place on Sundays during the Idrija Lace Festival (third weekend in June) at the town square in Idrija.

The children who have been classified at the state competition because of their school competition results compete in five groups of varying difficulty levels of making Idrija Lace.

Adults are able to select between two different Idrija Lace techniques.
Applications for the competition of adults are possible at the Idrija Lace School, Prelovčeva 2, 5280 Idrija by phone + 386 (0)5 37 34 570 or e-mail: .

All competitors, children and adults gather at the day of the competition in the Idrija Lace School. They go to the scene of the competition together in a train.

Lacemakers – It’s the spirit that counts!