Erasmus+ Laceing, Barcelona 1, Spain

Stana Frelih and Maja Svetlik from the Idrija Lace School went to Barcelona, Spain from 14th and 18th March, 2022, to a structured course »Emotional Intelligence« by Dorea Educational Institute -specially designed for the needs of educational institutions at all levels and for staff working in adult education centres.

Dorea courses are designed to provide education primarily in the field of applied psychology using active learning methods, based on which participants can start using new knowledge in practice as soon as possible.

Education on the topic of “Emotional Intelligence” allowed us to acquire knowledge and skills such as

-strengthening the emotional state for effective communication and support for students in the learning process,

-improving the method of developing emotional intelligence in adults,

-greater understanding of the role of emotions in motivating and pursuing goals,

-improving knowledge and ways to spread self-awareness, self-control and self-acceptance

-improving knowledge and methods for active stress management,

-strengthening interpersonal relationships, empathy and communication.

The international group of course participants from Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovenia provided an interesting and encouraging atmosphere. The education took place in English, which was a foreign language for all the participants, as well as the teacher. Communication and getting to know other cultures added value to an already interesting course.