Erasmus+ Laceing, Barcelona 2, Spain

We have completed the last two mobility of professional staff in the Erasmus+ project Laceing. The head of the Idrija Lace School Metka Fortuna and bobbing teacher Katarina Mlakar took part in a structured English language course by ShipCon Limassol Lt organisation in Barcelona in May 2022. Structured course for professional workers enabled participants to exchanged experiences in the training, and got to know the local culture. The course activities helped to improve the verbal communication of the participants in the English language, with emphasis on the use of correct intonation, rhythm and language phrases. That is why we will be more successful in carrying out business activities conducted in English, which are regularly carried out at the Idrija Lacemaking School. We will also communicate more confidently in English on various informal occasions.

Outside of the course, it was also nice to meet friends in a foreign country with whom we have collaborated in past international projects under the auspices of the Lifelong Learning program.

The objectives of the Laceing project have been achieved. After a break of several years, we regained international experience, perfected our communication in English, met different cultures and realized that they are not so different at all, which encouraged us or reminded us again that we can and know how to deal with new and unforeseen situations. We will use the acquired experience with advantage in our educational activities, where we also regularly meet with adult participants of trainings from abroad who like to learn how to make Idrija lace at the Idrija Lace School. Slovenian adult learners – you know that we will be happy to share our international experience with you. New international projects in which  want to actively involve you are being prepared. We are already looking forward to them.