Erasmus+ Laceing, Malaga, Spain

From 21th to 25 March 2022, professionals Sonja Bogataj and Daša Česnik attended a structured course » Multicultural & Intercultural Education« by Idevelop organization, in Malaga, Spain.

Here they learned about interculturality and learned  how to accept and respect cultural diversity and different behaviors of people. They renewed the importance of values such as solidarity, equality and social justice. They encouraged and developed critical thinking and exchanged opinions with other course participants from Poland, Estonia, Belgium, Italy and Germany in various group activities.

During the structured course, they gained the experience of education abroad and improved their active use of the English language, with which they will more confidently provide information and presentation of the school’s program and students lace exhibition at Idrija Lace School for foreign visitors.

By participating in the course, they developed social competences, gained personal growth, and their motivation for professional development also increased.