Erasmus+ Laceing, Reykjavik, Island


In March 2022, we carried out the third mobility of the Erasmus+ “Lacing” project with participation in a structured course abroad – in Iceland. The bobbing teacher Meta Gregorač  participated in the “Structured Educational Visit to Schools/Institutes & Trainins Seminars in Iceland” program of the English Matters organization and as the only representative from Slovenia. With other participants from 17 countries, learned about the interesting and different learning system of Iceland, its natural attractions and the climate, which greatly influences it. In addition to learning about Iceland’s learning system, the program was designed with a strong emphasis on connecting participants, collaboration, networking, openness, and sharing opinions and sharing good practices among participants.

In order to understand the entire school system, the system of employment, career counseling and other public services in Iceland, the participants learned about the island, its history, literature and especially the conditions in which people lived in the past and today. The diverse landscape, ice, volcanoes, hot water springs, the island’s centralized population and above all the very changeable weather dictate a flexible way of life and consequently – a flexible school system. The state allows schools autonomy in the organization of lessons and grading. Schools place great emphasis on inclusive learning, training individuals for independent living, individual development, and well-being and health.

“Participating in a structured course abroad gave me so much – and more. I traveled abroad several times in the past, but never alone. This way forced me to establish contacts with the other participants, to dare to communicate in a foreign language more confidently, to participate in daily debates and to acquire new knowledge and acquaintances with whom we maintain contact even after the course is over. I will be happy to try to transfer my new experience and insight into various educational options to colleagues and adult learners.”