Erasmus+ Laceing, Sevilla, Spain

Lacing teachers Ines Čuk and Jožica Klanjšček participated in the structured course »English for teachers« in Seville (Spain) from  11th to 15th October 2021. Structured course attended   participants from Romania, Poland, Germany and France.

As part of the structured course, the two teachers gained experience organizing travel, living and training abroad. They got acquainted with new approaches, different teaching methods with the inclusion of digital technologies in the learning process. They developed independence, creativity, innovation and critical thinking and actively collaborated with other course participants.

They improved their communication and terminology in the English language, they preparing themselves to be more confident in imparting knowledge to adult education participants in the school’s international activities.

During the stay and the course they learned about the culture, customs, history and current problems of Spain and the other countries participating in the course. The established contacts will benefit them in strengthening and expanding intercultural cooperation.