Invitation to a lacemaking workshop

The most beautiful time of the year is  approaching fast! You are invited to join the lacemaking workshop (online also) ,where you will learn how to use unusual materials in making lace.  You will make an interesting lace to decorate in your festive arrangments. Delavnica novoletna 2022 ANG

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You are invited to the 40th Idrija Lace Festival. Between 17 and 19 June, don’t miss spectacular exhibitions, attractive workshops, a colorful handicraft fair, an exceptional entertainment and accompanying program, a rich culinary offer… you will be able to choose from more than 40 different events! Idrija – a pearl of UNESCO heritage – invites…

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School competition in lacemaking

Despite a very special year, when were our students for the first time in history learning lacemaking not in classrooms but online – using web classrooms, zoom and other videoconnectios, we are happy to announce that School competition in lacemaking is finished!! Competitors has shown a lot of knowledge! Congratulations to all of them and…

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Another pattern for you

By agreement with Municipality of Idrija we publish a pattern for making Idrija Lace, which was drawn in Idrija Lace School for a special occasion for Municipality of Idrija. Municipality of Idrija now permitts use of the pattern to all lacemakers, but not for comercial use. You can find the pattern here: Vzorec OI

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A snowflake for you

Insted of preparing our traditional New Year’s workshop because of the pandemic situation we have a free pattern for you. It is a pattern of a snowflake. If you would to have it, you can reach it here: vzorec novoletni 2020 Stay healthy and stay with us!

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