Great credit for the existence and the development of the lace-making school in Idrija undoubtedly goes to Ivanka Ferjančič (21.12.1850 – 21.5.1879), the first lace-making teacher at the Idrija Lace school in Idrija.

With her activities and ideas she has left a permanent mark on this institution which has had a great influence on Idrija and its vicinity throughout history. Ivanka gained her first education at the Idrija public school, her great passion being lace. Since she was very talented in this handcraft she was, at the recommendation of the authorities, sent to Southern Tyrol, to a private lace-making school. Upon returning to her birthplace she started creating new patterns together with her sister Antonija and brother Jožef. These patterns have opened the way into the world to the Idrija lace. Idrija became more recognisable which was inevitably followed by progress. The authorites have also become aware of the talent of Ivanka Ferjančič and invited her to Vienna. After consulting the matter with Mrs. Ferjančič they established the Idrija Lace School in 1876 which has been operating non-stop from the establishment until today. Ivanka was the first lace-making teacher as well as a member of the supervisory board which led the school. After three years of operation of the school Ivanka died due to illness, at the age of 29. After her death the school continued to progress under the leadership of the teachers she had taught herself, and later many new teachers followed.