The experimental group of lace makers, which operates within the Idrija Lace School, was also creative during the epidemic, when each of the lace makers created on their own in the shelter of their home, first with a pencil to create a pattern and then with bobbin lace and thread

Since the experimental group has in the last year been collaborating with Eva Petrič, a multimedia artist, their collaboration continues, and so it did during the isolation.

“The coronavirus invasion has plunged us into collective isolation and it has shown us more than anything else that we are all dependent on each other. We are part of the network we maintain and it maintains us, if one thread breaks, all the others vibrate. These days, we can experience this on our own skin, when we try to protect ourselves and our loved ones from infection by keeping social distance. Like one of the loops in the network, in society, we too protect the whole society. We are getting closer by keeping social distance. I hope that the connection and the now obvious awareness of mutual dependence will show the way to a better post-viral period. The way to the time when we know how to appreciate the closeness of relatives and friends, when we are aware that one does not need an endless selection of products from all over the world to be happy, and to the time when we are able to shake hands and hug again and know how to value it. “wrote Eva Petrič.

Eva had created an assemblage using corona roses from various lace. She wanted to upgrade it with bobbin roses in the technique of Idrija lace, and our lace makers from the group joined the project with great enthusiasm.

The idea of ​​creating roses was like a ray of sunshine that shifted thoughts from worry and anxiety to light and life…

Numerous hours of drawing and erasing, winding bobbins, experimenting, tearing down and re-creating have enriched the positive thoughts and now that the epidemic is over, our bouquet is complete.

First we put them on a virtual tour as part of the initiative “Stay at home, make bobbin lace!”, And then they will be ready for the next trip with Eva Petrič.

Rose creators: Mira Guzelj, Marija Novak Boškovič, Irena Laharnar, Sandra Šeme, Milena Kalan, Andra Jereb, Draga Sedej, Liljana Kogovšek, Marta Simnovčič.

The text was prepared by: Maja Svetlik and Eva Petrič.


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