New and different materials, creative ideas and unconvencional approach to lacemaking, this is Idrija Lace School Experimental Lacemaking Group.

In the school year 2016-17, a group of eight creative lace makers at the Idrija Lace School (Andra Jereb, Mira Guzelj, Draga Sedej, Aleksandra Frank Staniša, Liljana Kogovšek, Magda Ferlat, Marija Novak Boškovič, Irena Laharnar) continued with the realization of new ideas at the challenge of an international competition, announced in Zagarolo, Italy, near Rome, on the topic of the “Golden Cut”. We encountered the laws of the golden ratio and each created a composition in its own way, which in some cases we upgraded with a study with the possibility of 3D layout. Only this had to be turned into a pattern for bobbin lace, several experiments were made with different yarns and the colour relationships, transitions between colours and the bobbin lace technique of Idrija lace were well thought out, which in the end created a harmonious whole. The lace makers used all their lace-making knowledge and each of them was involved in their own projects. At the same time this was a gathering in which such networking and the flow of information and knowledge about lace making played a big role.

In order for the town to come to life with help of our lace, the idea of reviving the balconies of the Retirement Home Idrija was spontaneously born. Our plan was supported by the management the home residents. Ideas were gathered on Friday evenings, and the central motive was to enrich the exterior of the home in the spring with lace with motifs of various birds. And so the nuthatches, hoopoes, pigeons began to arise…

It was of course necessary to provide suitable weather-resistant materials as well as large pillows and other accessories that made our work easier.
Lace on the balconies of the Retirement Home Idrija will come to life at the end of May. On the premises of the retirement home, you will be able to see an exhibition of some sketches, samples and photo snapshots of our work. The home residents will see to it that the patterns of our birds come to life in colours.
This year too, Silva Menard and Stana Frelih and Maja Svetlik from the Idrija Lace School helped to realise the ideas.

Authors: Maja Svetlik and Stana Frelih, Idrija Lace School


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