In the school year 2015-16, a group of creative Lace School Idrija lace makers started upgrading their knowledge of lacemaking by drawing art compositions and drawing original patterns for lace making.

Andra Jereb, Mira Guzelj, Draga Sedej, Aleksandra Frank Staniša, Liljana Kogovšek, Magda Ferlat, Tina Vedlin, Jana Klinc Češnovar, Sandra Šeme in Majda Jurkovič decided to take on this challenge. The ladies come not only from Idrija but also from different parts of Slovenia.

They first got acquainted with the basics of art composition under the guidance of a fine artist Silva Menard. Using the knowledge of making Idrija lace, they then transformed the works of art into lace patterns, taking into account the design and technological laws of lace making. Maja Svetlik from the Idrija Lace school was their mentor as this is a process that requires a lot of thoughtful study work, predictions of the course of work, the effects of colour combinations and visualization of the desired final product. Stana Frelih, a lace making teacher, helped them choose the right techniques and make lace according to the uniquely drawn lace patterns.

All the knowledge acquired was very useful in the next challenge they set for themselves, and that was the bobbin lace installation, which was on display in the second half of 2016 in the Idrija City Museum as part of the exhibition Ladies and Lace.

Installation “Living power of the past”
The basis of the installation is the plan of the geological section of the Idrija ore deposit. Following the artistic proposal of Silva Menard, the lace makers, with the help of mentors Maja Svetlik and Stana Frelih from the Idrija Lace School, transformed individual elements into bobbin lace patterns. The lace making was based on the experience gained in the study of combining materials, their different thicknesses and structures, especially rope, wool, linen and cotton.

The installation retains the recognizable characteristics of Idrija lace.
In contrast to the large coloured surfaces, white and delicate lace stand out, rising towards the sky, growing and travelling towards the light. The composition of each individual lace symbolically derives from a spiral or circle.
The installation brings together darkness and light, men and women, miners and lace makers…
Silva Menard, Stana Frelih and Maja Svetlik from the Idrija Lace School helped bring the ideas to realization.

Authors: Maja Svetlik and Stana Frelih.



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