School competition in lacemaking

Despite a very special year, when were our students for the first time in history learning lacemaking not in classrooms but online – using web classrooms, zoom and other videoconnectios, we are happy to announce that School competition in lacemaking is finished!! Competitors has shown a lot of knowledge! Congratulations to all of them and…

Another pattern for you

By agreement with Municipality of Idrija we publish a pattern for making Idrija Lace, which was drawn in Idrija Lace School for a special occasion for Municipality of Idrija. Municipality of Idrija now permitts use of the pattern to all lacemakers, but not for comercial use. You can find the pattern here: Vzorec OI

A snowflake for you

Insted of preparing our traditional New Year’s workshop because of the pandemic situation we have a free pattern for you. It is a pattern of a snowflake. If you would to have it, you can reach it here: vzorec novoletni 2020.pdf Stay healthy and stay with us!