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Framed high-quality handmade Idrija lace with added fairy symbols.

FAIRY SYMBOLS are the keys to energies that awaken our abilities and trigger the ability to create life at our own will. They unlock our energies and effectively dissolve any obstacles in our path. They make us more conscious, more alert and creative.

Fairy symbol – KALER ADALI – HAPPINESS At the present moment, we are the perfect designers of our destiny and the forgers of our happiness, which will only be able to spill forward and merge back from now on. The symbol helps to keep up with a positive emotional and mental attitude, which attracts happiness into our lives and also helps us maintain it.

Fairy symbol – TIR KAIRI – SUCCESS Everyone wants to succeed in the field they are involved in. Tir Kairi helps us adopt a new notion of successfulness and moves us into a circle of winners. New, unimaginable opportunities open up before us, and we attract the energy of success into our lives with magnetic attraction. Motives for success should always be as selfless, sincere and pure as possible.

Fairy symbol – AMAR NAT – LOVE Love is the primary inner quality that we are called to develop in our lives. The first step on the path of true love is to accept ourselves and learn to love as we are. Only then are we able to love others as well and radiate the mighty energy of love outwardly to everyone and to everything.

Elven Symbol – OLAN REI – HEALTH The health symbol encompasses the entire healing process it triggers, and at the same time the ultimate goal of complete healing. Use it to improve the general health of all bodies (material, astral, mental and spiritual), to restore a healthy balance in the body (especially at the level of the endocrine system) and to prevent disease prevention (preventive).

In cooperation with Maya Peron.

More about Fairy Symbols at www.vilinskisimboli.si

Product dimensions: 16 cm x 16 cm

Material lace: 100% cotton + added fairy symbol.

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Weight 0,4 kg

KR gold, silver jersey


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